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    Stuck on Initializing/ Constantly Timing out/ Sudden Extremely long Load


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    Stuck on Initializing/ Constantly Timing out/ Sudden Extremely long Load

    Post  V4Vendetta on Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:56 pm

    • Where did you encounter the bug/glitch/exploit? (Server, forums, etc.): Server

    • When did you encounter the bug/glitch/exploit? (Try to be AS SPECIFIC as possible): I encountered this bug Sunday, July 31.

    • What is the bug/glitch/exploit? (Describe as best as you can, in full detail): Basically, whats been going on, is that every time I try and join the server, I have to wait at least 20 minutes just for it to send client info, and whenever It send my client info, Right when it goes up a bar, It times out, Then, Whenever I rejoin, Open aura starts up, but whenever it gets to the "Wait for Open Aura to Initialize" screen, It just freezes, I can access the prop menu and everything and my steam community in game, But it just stays on the Initializing screen.

    • On a scale from 1-10, how serious is the bug/glitch/exploit? (So we can know how quickly is needs to be fixed): Maybe a 9 If this is happening for other players, the reasoning for my high rating is because of the fact that acquiring players is usually a Priority.

    • Photographic or video evidence of the bug/glitch/exploit (not necessary, but helpful):
    On my steam profile, yes. there should be a picture of a Developer console with tons and tons of Red text.
    Just Add me on Steam [T-900]V4Vendetta. Ill accept If my profiles private.

    • What else do you wish to include?: It is a quite annoying bug, It really disturbs me that I am not able to play on Dominus Role play mainly because of the fact that Its my favorite Out-lands RP. If you could, Please get this fixed as soon as possible if it is Possible...

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