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    Integra's Newcomer guide.



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    Integra's Newcomer guide.

    Post  Kitsune on Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:49 am

    Hey, I decided to make a nice little guide for the newer people that aren't to familiar with HL2RP, or just roleplay in general, it will consist of the basic things one would need to know to roleplay on the server properly and not be kicked/banned for failRP. I hope it's newcomer friendly, so that people arent looking at it like "What?" anyways, we'll start off with the:


    Server rules! Here's a link
    Now, for the RP rules, since there are no Links for this, I'll create my own list of them.

    First off, there is OOC, LOOC, and IC. We will get to these later, but keep them in mind, if you dont learn when to use LOOC and OOC, you will become known as a failrp'er, or just a minge.

    Secondly, in roleplay, you must use /me. /me is a system that allows you to speak in third person and list your characters actions, I.E
    /me looks at the person
    /me slowly approaches him
    /me slowly unholsters his/her weapon
    /me aims at the persons head
    (Only fire if they: Can't get away/Are going to die, or dont react. My rule is: If you dont react within thirty seconds, I go on without you.)
    /me fires a bullet into their head.

    Next off, you want to worry about the /it system, which is a system for stuff not really based around your character, I'll show some examples.
    /it The bullet flies out of the gun, hitting the floor with a loud click.
    /it The OTA's footsteps can be heard from inside the building.
    /it The building collapses.
    /it The gun is badly damaged, definetly not in working condition
    /it The person hits the floor with a loud "Thump!"

    After /me's and /it's (which are REQUIRED for proper roleplay.) We will move on to discussing OOC, LOOC, and IC.
    OOC = Out Of Character
    LOOC = Local Out Of Character.
    IC = In Character.
    While speaking IC, you are your player, you speak as if you were in their shoes, to speak OOC, which is basically words from your mouth, type // <text>. To type LOOC, type .// or [color=violet];


    This one is also something that is avoided quite a lot, many people dont know how to FearRP, if you see a zombie walking up to you, what do you do?
    A. Run away.
    B. Stare at it and tell your friends LOOC
    C. Punch it
    If you chose A, you are correct. If you saw a zombie IRL, would you run like hell? I sure as hell would.


    It's permitted, dont be immature about it. (It is last time I checked.. if it isnt.. I'm in deep shit. )


    This one is a BIG problem with a lot of people. If you get shot in the stomach twice, you are NOT standing up, you will fall down from pain (unless augmented) Remember: Your character is not GOD, you can not withstand many bullets, unless armored, augmented, or if he/she is ICly tough enough, the tough enough one depends on how many shots.

    Next we got Passive RP

    Passive RP Is the most basic form of RP, you'll be doing Passive RP the most, it's basically just talking and such, nothing special in it.

    Interact RP

    You're doing this ALL the time, you just don't know it. Anytime you interact with any RP, your interact RPing, its quite a needed RP in order to.. PROPERLY RP. Smile


    This one is ignored.. Like.. just ignored beyond belief, I give credits to any of you who actually still do this, its a fun RP, it adds to the immersivness, and fun of the RP, I think it should be a set rule that people have to ocassionally Thirst/hungerRP


    This is used ALL the time, the loser ALWAYS complains. This server does not utilize the roll system we use Common Sense. Depending on your loadout, people should properly fearRp in fights, along with painRp. With proper tactics, you can knock someone out with a spoon. it's all about how your RP is, remember that your character is not a special forces member sent from god, you are NOT invincible, Use your brains, use the common sense, its really not hard.


    This is NOT to be mentioned, AT ALL. You do not RP it or you will be perma-banned, either that or just a long ban, you do not even speak of it. It is furbitten. Derp.

    I'll probably write more later, just not sure if more is needed at the moment, hope admins leave this, as it will help the newbies of the server.
    Development Manager
    Development Manager

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    Re: Integra's Newcomer guide.

    Post  Milkdairy on Fri Aug 05, 2011 4:44 am

    Although Common Logic applies, Pistol Vs. OTA Cannon = Pistol win possibility.

    Guns don't determine the outcomes of wars half of the time.

    Tactics do.

    Plane Otto
    Plane Otto

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    Re: Integra's Newcomer guide.

    Post  Plane Otto on Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:00 am

    Tactics and skill, dear Milk.

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    Re: Integra's Newcomer guide.

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