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    A AdventureRP. (Severance)

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    A AdventureRP. (Severance) Empty A AdventureRP. (Severance)

    Post  puppy0156 on Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:50 pm

    Continuing on the famous severance chancer made, sadly, it died, i wish to revive it through this AdventureRP. What is adventure roleplay? Easy! Explore, fight 'Demons'!. Take control of Knight Josh Cook, the infamous Templar of the wastes, spreading the word of the famous 'God' or 'Lord'.
    A AdventureRP. (Severance) Gmatomic0003r

    Knight josh cook is now in the wastes, with his knight friends, two priests, who claim they can heal with Gods powers, and a knight, who is from the western brotherhood of Templars, and a archer, who is very stir crazy! As well as the rest of Joshs group, you can call in limited reinforcements, or light Calvary, use this ability well!
    How do i take control of Josh Cook? Simply request, or say his next move, and i will work on the pose/place you have requested, but please be serious, and no uncanon things he WOULD do, such as acting serious, slapping people around, etc, hes very retarded as well.

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    A AdventureRP. (Severance) Empty The Paladin/The Girl/Her

    Post  Warpizzle on Sun Aug 21, 2011 8:51 pm

    Connor Parilla
    Connor Parilla has served in 'The Order' for some time, after having helped Knight Josh Cook enter the facility beneath the gas station. At first, Connor feared the facility, but eventually got used to it, wanting to go in just for fun. From Scribe, to Knight, and from Knight to Paladin, Connor became as what seemed like Josh's death passed by in time. However, in the corner of Connor's eye, he sees that familiar shape, and shadow of Josh Cook...Alyssa Olsen. She was Connor's dream. After many adventures, Alyssa and Connor settled down in their home, temporarily done with their fun. Alyssa had her child, and they were both happy...Alyssa took care of the child, as did Connor. The baby girl grew 2 years later...Time seemed to really fly for Connor...

    Bearing the same cloak he was given by Josh Cook, his master, he now roams the wastes freely, with his Archer companion, Jerikk, and his very own scribe recruit, Jeremy Halfford...As for the child...
    The child was taken. Stolen, from the father and mother, Alyssa. They have searched everywhere, but the child was lost. He could never get over his loss of his dear child, Lynn.
    [b]Tina White

    Tina White, the young girl descended from abuseful parents, had also met abuseful people. Asil, one of the nicer people she had met, was willing to take her in. That is, until she just about burnt his house down...After having been seen as a 'prophecy or goddess' from the foreign raiders, she had decided to wander back into their territory...This time, with a gun. She was only 11 at the time, but she kept her head down as she passed through the barricades supported by old, ratted down cars...The area was full of dirty, face-painted people. She stepped through easily, and as soon as one of the guards spotted her, he raised his arms...In surrender? His expression was full of horror, and before she knew it, the others were bowing down before her. At first, she was confused as to why she was getting this treatment. Oh wait...She pretty much killed their leader.

    Now, she is the leader of a large Raider camp. Vicious, and showing no mercy...Tina White has turned out for the worst. As a raider...
    The child of the two 'mutants'
    (Sorry, don't remember the name or the mutant type.)
    - - -
    After having fully grown, her eyes beaming a bright green color, that the same color as her irises. Her fingers had strangly morphed to that of nasty claws, being able to rip a human apart with them...After leaving her parents one day, she freely roams the wastes, and destroys anyone in her way to find decent civilization...

    To kill.
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    A AdventureRP. (Severance) Empty Re: A AdventureRP. (Severance)

    Post  puppy0156 on Sun Aug 21, 2011 10:21 pm

    [u]After what seemed a night, a great, dark enemy of the Brotherhood of Templars, -Brought- Josh back to duty, as the leader of the Templars. Josh now revived, he regains a line to the main base of the Brotherhood, located in Denver, colorado. He now has access to more reinforcements, and medium calvary, one goal now has josh under possesion: Destroy the Military, and the mutants. Seeing as the Easteren Brotherhood Betrayed the West, there remains two forces of the brotherhood, the main force, in canada, and the westeren brotherhood, in the colorado base. Josh will bring back the righteous, and slay the Easteran brotherhood leader: Emily 'Aerio' Azkick. A once light-filled lady with intentions of pure good, now a dark evil figure, the military purchasing the Easteran brotherhood out, turning all the great Knights and Paladins into the militarys ranks, Josh cook has re-united with his smith, Michael Anderson, they will now go on a great quest, to re-take the U.S.
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    A AdventureRP. (Severance) Empty Re: A AdventureRP. (Severance)

    Post  ecstasy on Mon Aug 22, 2011 12:41 pm

    ApocalypseRP will be making a comeback when Chancer gets everything set up.
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    A AdventureRP. (Severance) Empty Re: A AdventureRP. (Severance)

    Post  puppy0156 on Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:00 am

    Better be makin a Cumback. XD

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    A AdventureRP. (Severance) Empty Re: A AdventureRP. (Severance)

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