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    ~ Forum Rules ~

    Post  ecstasy on Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:50 am

    ~ Forum Rules ~

    1. English
    We are an English based community. While we do not treat other languages with disrespect, we wish for you to speak our language. It will not only help us, but it will keep things fast and in order.
    (This includes improper grammar.)

    2. Respect
    Respect is a vital part to keeping a community alive. When you post, you should try professional, civilized and mannerly. You should know that you may disagree with other member's posts, however you may not attack them. Do not start a flame war over your views, its immature, and just gives us more work that we don't want to deal with.

    3. Distasteful content
    To keep our forums nice and appropriate, we ask of you to refrain from posting the following:
    1. Racist, Homophobic, sexist, or other degrading material aiming at one form of people.
    2. Pornographic, or NSFW (Not safe for work) material.
    3. The discussion of illegal activities. (This includes, but is not limited to; cracks, ROMs, warez, hacks, drugs, pornography [if underaged, which face it, most of you are], DDoSing others, etc.)
    4. Links to referral sites, malicious content, viruses, etc.
    5. Politics and Religion. (Face it, you cannot ever have a discussion about this without it turning into a flamewar, if you wish to discuss it, take it to private messages, or steam chat.)
    6. Posting personal information (Yourself or others)

    4. Spamming
    Any form of off-topic posts, unnecessary multiple posts, or both, are frowned upon and punishable.

    5. Loopholes
    While some of these rules MAY have loopholes, we ask of you to not violate them via those loopholes. If you attempt to do so, punishment may occur.

    6. Impersonation
    Impersonating an admin or other person of interest is strictly prohibited. Do not do it.

    7. Bans
    We have the full right to ban you if we see fit reasons to do so. You may however, appeal your ban via the Bans section of our forums.
    However, if you were to be banned from the forums, posting via a second account is prohibited.

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