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    Post  Altair on Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:57 pm

    Steam information.

    •Steam Name: [StK-RP] Ezio Is Lonely...

    •Steam ID: STEAM:0:0:23587873.

    •Steam Profile Link:

    •How long have you been part of our community?: Afew months now.

    •Have you ever been banned from our servers before?: No, I haven't recieved any Bans/Kicks.
    •If yes to the above question, why were you banned?: I was not banned, So this question is...N/A.

    •Do you have past roleplaying experience as a black market dealer/trader/salesman?: I used to be a BMD Back in a HL2RP Server called Victorious Networks, There forum is still up...It's offline forever though.

    •Why do you want to be a black market dealer/trader?: I want to try out the experience of being a Trader again, Give the Citizen's and refugee's abit more Items to show off, Heh.

    •Background story of your character.: 'Jakobs.' ...Was and is still a Young Teenager, Surviving the Combine, Hiding in the shadows like a Rat, Being an....Outcast, He had his Name set for him by his own instincts.
    His real name was keepen a secret from everyone, He had no family, No friends, No anything, He was an oprhan...Abandoned, He oftenly dressed in black to be hidden in the shadows, So he could blend into the Shadows, And keep a distance from any Trouble-Makers...Otherwise known as Combine, And other mischiefs.

    He had oftenly had a Nomadic life, Travelling from Place to Place, He had stumbled upon a Small dead corpse, Which had recently had some Kevlar and some other things on the corpse, He decided to loot them, And strap them on, He has a wild variety of Tools and oftenly hates New-Comers that he doesn't know...He likes to be kept a secret.

    •Character description: A Quite Tall Man, Wearing A Black Coat, He Has A Black Fedora On, His Face Is Covered By A Balaclava, He Has Black Gloves, Black Shoes, And Black Jeans On, Kevlar Strapped To His Chest, Painted Black, His Eyes Are Abit Bloodshot, Tools strapped onto his Kevlar (Duct-Tape, Rope, Etc.)

    •Give a background story on how you would In Character obtain your supplys.(Longer better too short is denied) 'Jakobs.' Would oftenly travel out into the Outlands or Further Canals to search for supplies, If he found -ANYTHING- Like barrels and crates, He would try to break or open them, To find supplies, He would oftenly try and contact other People by watching people, Otherwise known as Stalking, Then approach them if they looked interesting and then offer them a Business trade, If they weren't any of interest, He would walk away, And cross them off on a Notepad, Using the description of them, He would also try to tap into Radio feeds to find out people who were nearby that could be of interest, Using stations as a Broadcast, He would broadcast these weird psychotic sounds, Crackling from the Radio like children playing in a playground...

    •You are not permited to hand over flag tokens to an other character do you understand?: Yeah, I understand perfectly, But anyway....Why would I want to share my money with other people? (Bishes ain't touching 'mah money)

    •If your character dies that means Permanent Death do you accept this?: Yes, I understand, I won't whine or bitch, And never have.

    •Anything you wish to add? If it took more then one shot, You weren't using a Jakobs!

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    Re: 'Jakobs...'

    Post  Shisno on Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:58 pm

    Accepted, if you ever come on anymore.


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