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    Quotation Appreciation Thread


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    Quotation Appreciation Thread

    Post  Shadow on Thu Jun 23, 2011 1:24 am

    Stolen from another forum >=D
    Because we all have those little comments we make In and Out of character we need to share with the world.
    If you see any in OOC spam, post them here! Or just random comments from steam chat, who cares?

    Person in TS3: "Where did all my wood go?"
    Minecraft channel: *laughter*

    Shadow: "That'd be like Morgan Freeman doing french documentaries"
    Church: "Wait, isn't he like 5'8 though?
    Shadow: "They'd have to chop off his legs."
    Xellos the old
    Xellos the old

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    Re: Quotation Appreciation Thread

    Post  Xellos the old on Sun Aug 07, 2011 12:27 pm

    I found this on STALKER wiki. Last line is the best.

    The 0.30kg loaf of bread is the lightest and cheapest form of food available to a stalker. Bread does not restore much health compared to other food stuffs, though its light weight allows one to carry larger amounts on trips demanding less weight for less important items. Curiously, there has not been a known baker within the zone and one wonders where this bread came from though safe to say it is clean and safe to eat... at least no known stalker has complained about it.
    Xellos the old
    Xellos the old

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    Re: Quotation Appreciation Thread

    Post  Xellos the old on Thu Sep 15, 2011 7:59 am

    13:47 - [DRP-SA]Xellos[HU]: Glorius Scarf of the Critic "His reviews are more destructive then constructive"
    13:48 - [DRP-SA]Xellos[HU]: On a female char xD
    13:48 - {DRP-A}Chell J.: lol
    13:48 - [DRP-SA]Xellos[HU]: Holy Robe of the Unholy "Enjoys a good ethical dilemma"
    13:49 - [DRP-SA]Xellos[HU]: Snappish Dragon Necklance of the Tooth Fairy "You should offer a tooth before she chooses one her own"
    13:51 - [DRP-SA]Xellos[HU]: Demonic key chain "It's always in the one spot where you don't expect it. With your key"
    13:52 - [DRP-SA]Xellos[HU]: Steel Knuckles of the Bar Brawler "You can't possibly beat this argument"
    13:54 - {DRP-A}Chell J.: lmao

    Its from the internet game Shakes and Fidget.

    "Will walk they valley of shadow of death I will fear no evil! For I am the meanest son of a bitch in the valley!"

    Ecology by Bill Sutton
    Senior Development Manager/Donator
    Senior Development Manager/Donator

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    Re: Quotation Appreciation Thread

    Post  τΐgσ on Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:28 am

    From the other thread:

    -** The tune is a random mix of jazz like overtones that supposed to hype the musician
    -** And then the piano begins playing heavy screamo, while a thousand unborn fetuses scream out.
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    Re: Quotation Appreciation Thread

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