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    Philou121[sfr] - Pativski Vetervskohv Trader application.


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    Philou121[sfr] - Pativski Vetervskohv Trader application.

    Post  Philou121[sfr] on Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:22 pm


    •Steam Name: Philou121[sfr]

    •Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:15913143

    •Steam Profile Link:

    •How long have you been part of our community?: Three month~

    •Have you ever been banned from our servers before?: No

    •If yes to the above question, why were you banned?:

    •Do you have past roleplaying experience as a black market dealer/trader/salesman?: No.

    •Why do you want to be a black market dealer/trader?: To be able to do the job of the other players has the other traders seem to be mainly off or not playing anymore, but i also want to be a trader to improve my way to find item and help to solve the asspulling problems... I will change my Filou Umberjack character to a trader if needed has he found enough item to do it (Personal opinion). I also want to be a trader to experiment a new way to roleplay, you don't find item to live. You find item to live AND trade with the others.

    •Background story of your character.: Pativski Vetervskohv was a pickpocket and a thief, stealing from the other for his own profit. He never had problem with the police. He lived inside russia and managed to escape the combine inside the Seven hour war, using his car to get away and hide in the 'Outlands'. Unfortunatly, it ran out of fuel.
    When the winter came, he had no house and had to take refuge inside a old cave, he found multiple creatures that he had to kill, using his old weapons, a knife, a pistol and a new weapon he had after he found the body of a rebell that died from what seemed to be pulse rifle shot, a shotgun.
    Life was hard but he always managed to get out of troubles. Somedays he would run out of ammo, but he always had luck trading with the 'Outlanders'. But he was not always trading... If they were out, he would look around and try to steal something, he never lost his old nature and always took from the others. His goal is survival, he will do what is needed for that.
    One day, has he was walking around to find someone to trade his old pistol for food, he found himself with a big problem, his new house got burned and looted by raiders. He was mad, and for the first time he knew what he did to the other was not realy nice, he started using what he had to get new items... But he tought it would be better to do it somewhere else. So he went to the coast and found what he searched for, a nice place to restart in safety.

    •Character description: Tall| Muscular | ImprovisedCamo | Brown eyes&Black hair | Backpack | AmmunitionBelt.
    (Will change if it don't enter in the allowed space)

    •Give a background story on how you would In Character obtain your supplys.(Longer better too short is denied)
    Pativski Vetervskohv had some item and token with him when he came on the coast, but he also had contact with some other trader that he stayed friend with, so when someone was talking about price, it wasn't gonna be low.
    Always selling things he was buying around the areas, but he also had some friends that were able to help him to find more, he usually have luck but it happen he can't find the item asked.

    •You are not permited to hand over flag tokens to an other character do you understand?: Yes.

    •If your character dies that means Permanent Death do you accept this?: Yes.

    •Anything you wish to add? Comment if necessary, BUT ON PM! Still learning, but i got told i improved my english.
    Also, my char will be offering the item he carry and will offer to search for item (Will cost more money).
    If its necessary i can edit or add...

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    Re: Philou121[sfr] - Pativski Vetervskohv Trader application.

    Post  Shisno on Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:59 pm



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