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    Yuri Sergig's '' Unban request ''.

    Yuri Sergig
    Yuri Sergig

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    Yuri Sergig's '' Unban request ''.

    Post  Yuri Sergig on Wed Dec 14, 2011 4:13 pm

    • Steam Name: Yuri Sergig

    • SteamID: Just search that Steam ID Stuff on google, I am lazy.

    • Character Names: It wasnt a Char that got Banned, It was me OOCly.

    • How long were you banned for?: According to the banned it should go on until i grow old, Also knowed as Permanant

    • Around what time were you banned?: I dont know, When i got banned. Please ask someone else that was more stable at the moment as at the moment at the aftermath i am busy talking to Members and such as.

    • Who banned you?: I am unware as there as i remebered was seveal Admins at the moment, I suppose it was Shinso.

    • Why did they ban you?: They banned me for the reason about that i left on a Moment where i got in a Conflict with Scout where she did her Adminstration role poorly and i demonstrated my Freedom of speech, Why was she doing her job poorly ?, Because at a event she took out Mulitply items in combat such as: Stunstick, Stungun, Riot Shield, Tear gas, Gasmask and Protection agaisnt bullets. I was fine at the at first but then she dragged me to the CRF Compound where she told me that i was going to get PK'ed No matter what and the others was getting NLR'ed. Now at the moment i wanted to get NLR'ed just as them but she was being Unreasonable and didnt wanted to disccus this and told me to go on Forums about this and if i left i would get banned 2 weeks, Therefor i had to accept the Judgement and then at the Aftermath, Then i could first act against this. Therefor i attempted to agree to pause this and make her explain how she could get the items and why she was going to PK me. Her explanation was that i PKed Ghost and therefor must be PKed aswell. That was False. I did tell him to NLR and so did others. Therefor my action should be just as accuracte as his, Letting me NLR. But she didnt care none the less and was going on with the process. Therefor i told her that this was Outragous and told her to cancel this ASAP. She got more angry at me and so did i at her for not Rendering her judgement. Now at that time the 3 Strike rules was still In effect making this my First time to die on my character, Soviet. But she was going to PK me causing me to Avoid the Rulesysytem, Making her go out of Protocol. Now because she didnt stop i had to leave the server to start a meeting with Shinso and the others. At that meeting we disccused this Event, The PK System and such as. Now at the things was disccused and Over with, And Scout did recieve According to Shinso, A message since she had Negativ Support and bad reports from members at the meeting, Now most of the DRP members was there, Exculding the SA's Such as Scout,Hipster and Milk. So after that things was normal again and we did agree to Avoid the event and time skiped back abit. Now then i RPed again and things was going steady. Then suddenly out of noowhere i got Permanant Banned for Lieing at the meeting and Avoiding RP. I got Really Confused and puzzled since we just had a Disccusing about this at the meeting and things should be cleared out. Then i discovered this wasnt a joke and indeed true. Now Shinso wanted me to make this Unban Request so i could'nt '' Get more to jump on my Brandwagon '' I Disagree. This is Democracy and if people is against a action, The action must be changed due to the Political Pressure of the people inself, Yet he Rendered that. I honestly had to drink abit to get me to write this because i am a very Stubborn person and i prefer instead that we had a disccusing and Debat about this with the Indivuals that was involved instead i get forced to do this, Making me appear to be the main Bad guy since when you request Unban at most its because i did something wrong. But here is what i did. Judge me or not. I honestly dont care, I did this because of my friends of DRP wanting me to do so.

    • Why do you feel like you should be unbanned?: I did answer that in the Previous Question. Because its unfair Judgement/Action and because i want to RP with my Friends, Nothing more, Nothing less.

    • Anything else you wish to add?:. Yeah, If it was up to me i didnt want to make this Goddamm Unban request and instead talk with the Indivuals involved in the incident. But because i was Pressured to do this and because of Shinso's Judgement that is this the only way he will Unban me on. So here it is i guess.

    PS. Dingo you owe me.

    EDITED : I forgot to add my Steam Name.

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    Re: Yuri Sergig's '' Unban request ''.

    Post  Shisno on Wed Dec 14, 2011 4:39 pm

    "did her Adminstration role unpoorly"- I'm sure she'll like the compliment.
    "Her explanation was that i PKed Ghost and therefor must be PKed aswell. That was False. I did tell him to NLR and so did others."-The thing is, Ghost was on his last strike, and therefore was unable to NLR, you also committed the crime in front of a crowd, and you were also executed in front of one, so it doesn't really make sense for you to walk up the next day, suffering fron a bit of memory loss when everybody saw you get your brains blown out.

    "Now at that time the 3 Strike rules was still In effect making this my First time to die on my character, Soviet" Soviet was just Yuri Sergig in a simple renaming, whereas That char had been killed in RP well over three times, and I had actually been generous in allowing you to play again with one life left,despite this making the community pissed. I had even told you that you had one more life.

    "SA's Such as Scout,Hipster and Milk." Milkdairy isn't an SA.

    "So after that things was normal again and we did agree to Avoid the event and time skiped back abit." None of the admins decided that you could do this.

    "Lieing at the meeting and Avoiding RP." You presented a lot of false information that caused a lot of unnescessary arguing, as well as you left the server to start an unnescessary meeting with topics that I was going to suggest anyway. So really your point is moot.

    Now, aside from those points, I am willing to unban, but on the condition that Yuri 'Soviet' Sergig is PK'd, and you make a new character that is not related to said character.

    Senior Development Manager/Donator
    Senior Development Manager/Donator

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    Re: Yuri Sergig's '' Unban request ''.

    Post  τΐgσ on Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:49 pm

    I personally think you would do well to have a good ban sentence. Maybe not permenant.

    However, I find you tend to start arguements easily on the server, and don't listen to admins. The biggest example here being your character Yuri Sergig.

    He has been PK'd, and this has been recorded, multiple times. Then, when you knew you couldn't ride on Yuri any longer, you made the exact same character, using only his nickname now. It's obviously the same guy.

    Not only that, Shisno was kind enough to let you have him for ONE life (And trust me, some of us were not okay with it), and he did tell you more then once that you get one life.

    So now, once again, you whined that your character was going to be PK'd, even with high evidence against you, and were punished for it, and now you're preaching innocence.

    So, my final thoughts are that you certainly deserve a ban for some period of time, and if you messed up again, I'd say permenant.
    Development Manager
    Development Manager

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    Re: Yuri Sergig's '' Unban request ''.

    Post  Milkdairy on Wed Dec 14, 2011 7:22 pm

    True I'm not an SA, but I take my job seriously (Dare I say I have one here), And some people consider me a part of the team either ways.


    I believe Yuri should be unbanned, but I expect a lengthy temporary sentence

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    Re: Yuri Sergig's '' Unban request ''.

    Post  nh8a33 on Wed Dec 14, 2011 9:07 pm

    You got executed and disconnected to avoid being PK'd.

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    Re: Yuri Sergig's '' Unban request ''.

    Post  Shisno on Sat Jan 14, 2012 11:14 pm

    Player Un-banned, character remained PK'd.


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    Re: Yuri Sergig's '' Unban request ''.

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