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    Vortigaunt application Format

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    Vortigaunt application Format

    Post  Milkdairy on Sat Jan 21, 2012 8:07 pm

    Steam name:

    Steam ID:

    Steam Profile Link: (Your Community profile)

    Why do you want to play as a Vortigaunt? (Explain in atleast one paragraph of why you want to be a Vortigaunt OOC'ly):

    How should you act as a Vortigaunt?(Explain in atleast one paragraph)

    Desired Vortigaunt Name:

    Describe your Vortigaunt's backstory in 1-2 Paragraphs.:

    Write out two Roleplay examples, One where your vortigaunt interacts with a citizen, Have at least 15 /me's for each character. Use /it's.:

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