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    Stokesys' vortigaunt application

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    Stokesys' vortigaunt application Empty Stokesys' vortigaunt application

    Post  Stokesy on Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:41 am

    Steam name:

    Steam ID:

    Steam Profile Link: (Your Community profile)

    Why do you want to play as a Vortigaunt?:
    I wish to be a Vortigaunt because I enjoy the roleplay experience much more than a regular refugee stumbling around pointlessly. There's all I have to say about that.

    How should you act as a Vortigaunt?(Explain in atleast one paragraph)
    With that lovely Shakespearean dialect, i'd bring poetry and love to the lands of the outlands!
    Not really. I'd be one of the more silent, humble types of Vortigaunts whom tends to stick to himself. He may write poems as stated above, he may not, the personality is all to be decided when and if I am accepted for this role.

    Desired Vortigaunt Name:

    Describe your Vortigaunt's backstory in 1-2 Paragraphs.:
    Rathe'caht, like any other Vortigaunt, has lived a long life under the reign of a common enemy of humanity, the Union. At a young age, he was enslaved by the Nihilanth and forced to do his bidding - even if Rathe did object to it, he did it out of fear for his Kin. After the brief appearance of humanity, which he mostly fought to protect instead of murdering them, his life was misunderstood by humans and therefore, the military fired on him and his kin. After a short fight, Rathe and his kin stood victorous over the bodies of their 'enemy', the branch of the USMC Special Forces known as the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit (HECU) - and finally they were forced to pull out at a giant loss. They were later replaced by the USMC Black Operations, which had the same amount of trouble fending off Rathe'caht and his Xenian Kin.

    Write out two Roleplay examples, One where your vortigaunt interacts with a citizen, Have at least 15 /me's for each character. Use /it's.:
    Interaction with one of the various citizens and/or refugees in this lovely outlands RP:
    ** Rathe'caht quietly walks his way along the beach, allowing his hoofed feet to crunch the sand below him as he continues on his merry old way.
    ** Up ahead, gunfire breaks the silence as Rathe rather lazily allows his head to tilt in the direction of the gunfire.
    ** In the distance, very few armed resistance fighters aim their weapons on the antlions whom are currently slicing their way through the populace of the nearby shanty town.
    ** Rathe, now alarmed by this, begins running his way along, the tattered curtain draped around his shoulders now flapping almost majestically.
    ** As Rathe is on his conquest to just run across the beach- albeit an easy task for a human, a horrible task for a vortigaunt- the resistance members continue their fire upon the antlions.
    ** The Vortigaunt gets closer to see a spark of lightning slam into one of the invaders and it explodes into a shower of green gibs.
    ** FINALLY arriving at his destination, he scales the rockface and moves up to assist the fighters in their engagements.
    ** Rathe'caht now brings his hands to the small arm on his chest, letting out a low hum to begin with the procedures of channeling.
    ** The resistance fighters manage to hold their positions, though as a rumbling is felt and also heard, a larger foe cascades from the ground. The antlion guard.
    ** Rathe'caht channels the energy between his dominant hands, using the catalyst known as his abdominal arm.
    ** The guard begins charging, only to be met with another jolt from the unknown lightning source. It slams into the joint of its leg and it comes crashing down, crushing a resistance fighter on the way down.
    ** Rathe'caht sends right hoof forward, pushing his arms out to fire a quick jolt towards the guards' now exposed underside. The impact is grand in nature, and quite easily causes the guard to stop squirming after a few loud groans and cries from it.
    ** The remaining resistance fighters, now even more thinned in numbers, turn their head to the newcomer known as our hero Rathe.
    ** Rathe'caht stares back towards them, only to be greeted with another raspy voice off to his left. Another Vortigaunt. "Brother!", the voice barks, to which Rathe turns his head in its direction.
    ** The resistance members, and the vortigaunt, begin moving closer to Rathe and cheering. Rathe'caht returns to his normal stance, feet placed evenly at shoulder-width and his hands gathered in a calm, collective ball infront of his groinal area.
    ** One of the fighters speaks up, a female voice, one that isn't close either. It chirps "I'm not!- God.. damn."
    ** Rathe'caht, despite the cheers of the other resistance members, manages to hear this chirp and begins walking in its direction.
    ** The group now positioned behind him watches where he walks, the kinling following over at the request of Rathe. A simple hand wave in his direction.
    ** The female looks up, eyes slightly weary looking. Her stomach has been punctured, and blood drips from her lips.
    ** Rathe peers down, once again bringing his hands to the abdominal-mounted arm and humming a soft chant to himself. The green energy once again sparks up, though more gentle in nature this time, bouncing from his left hand, to his right, to the abdominal hand where it's dispersed towards the female.
    ** The female tenses up and shuts her eyes tightly, whining at the suddenly strange feeling of her wounds beginning to close back over.
    ** The second kingling, who we'll now name Ilek, lifts his hands in the same motion, assisting Rathe in his healing.
    ** The female manages to pass out from the strange feeling of her wounds closing.
    ** Rathe and Ilek with their combined efforts manage to heal the females' wounds, she was then able to fight on another day.

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    Post  Kitsune on Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:48 am


    You sir, are an amazing roleplayer. You are vortigaunt material, and in my opinion, you deserve a vortigaunt. <3
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    Post  τΐgσ on Mon Nov 05, 2012 6:43 am


    Hard to even think you'd need to apply, you're an awesome RPer.

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    Post  Neko on Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:20 am

    BIIIIIIG +Support for this. As long as I've known you, you've done great Vort RP.

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    Post  Katelyn on Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:55 am

    WITHOUT A DOUBT +Support!!!
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    Post  TheBloodMaster on Mon Nov 05, 2012 2:11 pm

    I've heard of the good shit you've done, I +support.

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    Post  Katelyn on Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:37 am

    Shisnooo! *waves* Over here. This mother fuckers the shiz-net at vortigaunt rp!

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