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    Canonical Thread Recap!


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    Canonical Thread Recap!

    Post  Shisno on Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:09 pm

    The purpose of this thread, is to recount people's suggestions and ideas that will eventually go into the canon. Only Admins are allowed to post here to add things. Anyone caught doing so will be banned and have their forum permissions purged.

    **Suggestions Added So Far**
    Kitsune™ wrote:
    Vortigaunts saved Alyx from multiple stab wounds to... the chest and stomach, if I recall correctly. If he'd have had the vortessence there (Gordon), then she'd have been up and fine in about ten minutes or so, despite being basically dead.

    I think it should be instant unbrainwashing for any OTA/MpF, but if there's one/two Vorts doing it- depending on the brainwashing, it should take longer. The older and the more vorts, the less time. IE; Ten 'Teenage' Vortigaunts = 3 weeks

    Two 'Elder/Ancient Vortigaunts' = Four days

    Four average vortigaunts = 2 weeks

    *Shisno's input*(Idea Accepted, albeit modified only slightly.)

    Shisno wrote:
    You're half right with the OTA there, it will be impossible for them to WILLINGLY go rogue. As for loyal MPF, the only ones you'd see would be of high rank, and on official union business, like scientific expeditions and experiments for example. Rogue hunters? No. In order to have one on your side, you'd best be at a synth maintenance facility where you get access to program their mission objective. (Mind you the chances of this are unlikely. )

    As for bio-signal, a bio-signal is merely the pulse or life-signs of a particular subject. And combine locks can be removed, although it's more than a bitch and a half to remove them.

    Shisno wrote:
    First off, a bio-signal is not a lock. Second, they don't have individual devices for the bio-signal. As I told you, what the combine call the "Biosignal" Is a Unit's life-signs or pulse. The way they use it, is basically a more advanced form of biometrics like, for example how today's computers have retina scanners, fingerprint and hand-print scanners. Like the fingerprint, every human's heartbeat is different to some tiny degree, as such the Combine "biosignal" is created. The Combine simply whitelist, (Or blacklist) individual unit bio-signals with a certain degree of access. Those who aren't in the combine biosignal system, are just ignored and denied access outright.

    ѕĸιттleѕ wrote:Alright so like fuck you guys and your OP Medkits hurr durr hurr. Nawh I kid I love you all, you strange weird people you.
    So Shisno was talking about the med-kits and I came up with this suggestion. Thumbs up or thumbs down?

    -Headcrabs and shit ARE edible.

    -Factions and gangs are permitted, however they will not receive so called "bonuses" for having some organization. Any supplies must be obtained through roleplay, and timestamped logs MUST be provided in order for any scripted items to be given from an admin.

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    Re: Canonical Thread Recap!

    Post  Shisno on Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:55 am

    Post amended, as well as most grammatical and spelling errors fixed.


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