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    Shoot To RP Idea


    Shoot To RP Idea

    Post  Guest on Thu Nov 08, 2012 10:53 pm

    I can safely say that generally everyone in the base of this community are decent Rpers and could preform a Shoot to RP approach very well. Rather than just expending ammo off into the blue during a firefight we could shoot to RP. I am fairly certain I've seen this happen quite a few times in this community but it always led to the classic bullet timing and P2W however seeing as you fine gentlemen more than likely WILL fix this (Hopefully) I could see a Shoot To RP engagement looking somewhat like this.

    For the sake of time I'll just use broad terms for names.

    **The Rebel Is walking through the light forestry making minimal noise other than the occasional twig snapping
    (So at this point our rebel Protagonist is walking through the forest generally patrolling the area)

    **Overwatch Number 1 speaks emitting an audible sound noticeable throughout the forest, "Go sharp ,go sharp."
    (I know I more than likely used the wrong dialog for the OTA but you get the picture, they both OOCLY know of each-other but they are Role-Playing as they normally would but they are giving more information such as how loud they are and such which is vital for S2RP.)

    **The Rebel hears the noise immediately hugging against the tree making some noise as he gets against it, he then brings his hand down to his USP his hand shaking nervously.
    (Now this is an example of a few things, It shows some Play to Lose which is vital for RP by him making noise and it shows fear RP which may vary between characters but it is good to RP sometimes.)

    **Overwatch Number 1 hears the noise stopping and motions for Overwatch Number 2 to stop, they both raise their AR2s' towards the direction they think they heard the noise from.
    (Now things are starting to play out, before any gun engagements their should be sufficient information building up to when bullets start flying.)

    **The Rebel stays very still closing his eyes nervously attempting to control his nearly panicked breathing
    (Some more FearRp to give base to how this man is going to engage if he does engage the enemy, he wont be charging or bravely sweeping around.)

    **Overwatch Number 1 says two Number 2, "Lets move on," He turns away moving on-wards Overwatch Number 2 follows him.
    (Overwatch are generally expendable so in a S2RP scenario I don't think people should RP them like there playing a FPS or something of that nature.)

    **The rebel as he hears the OTA starting to leave draws his USP double tapping the trigger in the Overwatch-Soldiers general direction one bullet missing greatly.
    (In a S2RP scenario always represent some kind of failure such as missing or something of that nature.)

    **Overwatch 1 gets hit center-mass by the USP round however it only embeds itself in the armoring, he turns quickly and instinctively in the rebels direction.
    (In a S2RP scenario it's up to the person receiving the bullets to decide whether or not they are hit, and if they are hit if the shooter does not specify where they aim they can choose. However this does not eliminate logic, if I fire my sawed off shotgun at you in a single room of a house you are bound to be hit somewhere.)

    **Overwatch 1 and Overwatch 2 open fire blindly into the rebels direction unsure of an exact position of where the bullet came from.
    (Basically as depicted they are firing in the direction of the rebel which gives him some breathing space to make some kind of move, notice how they are playing their RP somewhat fair not honing in on an exact location of the rebel and firing.)

    **The Rebel miraculously is unscathed from the Soldiers fire, however he has hunkered down against the tree hoping to stay in as much cover as possible.

    **Overwatch 1 and 2 both move towards the rebels direction with there AR2s aimed up and ready to fire again.

    **The Rebel feeling as if all hope is lost turns from out behind the tree blindly tapping the trigger.

    **Overwatch 1 sees the Rebels position but it hit three times in the chest from the burst of gunfire, two bullets manage to penetrate into his chest, he staggers but returns fire quickly.

    **The tree gets penetrated rather easily by the energy discharged from the AR2.
    (/It would be used in S2RP to describe how the weapons used in the combat scenario interact with the area so a logical decision can be made on what happens)

    **The Rebels poor cover behind the tree is easily penetrated several bolts of energy cross through his chest and one through his spine killing him instantly.
    (The Rebels player basically initiated the gunfight, so before he did it he should of logically thought, "Can I win this?" In which the answer was, "More than likely no," however thinking of how he couldn't win this made him a good Rper and made the gunfight more smoothly roll by. If both sides in a S2RP fight P2L as much as they can and P2W minimally the formula works rather well.)

    So this is my idea on how gunfights should be carried out, I am not saying ditch the S2M mechanic, it works overall very well for a large scale gunfight of epic proportions but for smaller scale 2v2 or 1v3 or something like that S2RP is the way to go.

    So what do you think of this idea. Smile

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