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    Post  Milkdairy on Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:38 pm

    <A.P.E.X.> XrvYA5

    >Data Station initialized at Grid 67E_0105<
    >Initializing Operating system<
    >Please standby...<

    >Operating system initialized<

    >Accessing database index for HIGH_CMD;SPEC_UNT<

    >Initializing index search; searching pre-indexed files<

    >File acquired; H_CMD_APEX.INDEX<

    >Opening file<

    >Please standby...<

    >File accessed; Access time and location logged<

    Name: Aaron Richards
    Classification: Metropolitan Enforcement Authority; Metropolitan Specialized Intelligence Authority; Metropolitan Technicians' Union; Union High Command
    Division: A.P.E.X.

    Mission Critical: This Unit has been reassigned from IND_C08_JAP to IND_C18_UKR on "Source High Authority" command to head logistical operations in GRID_65E_0107


    Pre-Aug Height; 6'4"/193.04cm
    Post-Aug Height; 6'6"/198.12cm
    Pre-Aug Weight; 232lb/106.82kg
    Post-Aug Weight;310lb/140.91kg
    Hair Color; Brown
    Eye Color; Brown

    Miscellaneous Critical: Refuses to receive optional command-rank augmentations, retains Job-critical Augmentations; MUS_UPK, NEUR_HUD, BLD_CTRL. Unit shows friendship with High Command Unit SHISKROV_MIKHAIL.

    Universal Authority Ranking and critical info: Classified to; U_CMD_ADM+

    >Data Station Shutting down<

    Red hair <3

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