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    Amber Moretti

    Physical Attributes; (immediately noticeable)

    Amber is a typical, yet appealing woman. Her hair
    is long and brunette, which is usually wavy since
    she doesn't have the tools to keep it clean and

    Amber's most significant trait is her eyes. Her
    eyes draw the attention of most people due to the
    baby blue colour that they are. They are just like
    the colour of the water in the beaches of Bermuda.

    Amber's skin is naturally tanned, due to her Italian
    heritage. When in the sun for prolonged periods of
    time, you can notice her skintone becoming slightly
    darker, in a short amount of time.

    Amber is tall, and lanky. She is taller than a
    typical female. Standing at 5 feet 11 inches, she
    is just under the 6 foot mark. Her skinniness makes
    her perfect for sneaking around areas, as she can
    move around much quieter than another person.

    Hidden attributes: (things not seen)

    Amber is 24 years old, and originates from Rome,
    Italy's most populated city.

    She knows how to handle weapons.

    She is athletic, and is great at climbing. She
    takes advantage of this perk in the
    Outlands as reconnaissance, and is a great asset
    to any group that is willing to take her in.

    She is quick and easy to trust, but very
    difficult to break. Getting information out of
    her can be a difficult task. Another valuable

    Background Information

    Amber was born in Rome, Italy. She is the child
    of Francesco and Viviana Moretti. Amber is the
    only daughter of 6 children, with her brother's
    Lorenzo, Rodrigo, Carmelo, Giovanni, and Marcello.
    Being raised around so many boys, she adopted
    many traits that women don't typically pick up.

    Amber was very much into being just like her
    brothers. She played sports with them whenever
    they did, she learned to fight, and she didn't
    take any shit.

    Amber's dad taught her to shoot. He was active
    at a shooting range, and was a gun collector.
    So naturally, Amber wanted to be like her father,
    and learned how to use a weapon. And she did very
    well, and she is a great shot.

    In high school, the Moretti family stuck together.
    They fought together, they stuck together, and they
    never separated. They were a group that you did not
    mess with. Typically, nobody really had the balls
    to step up and talk to them because they were afraid.
    However, one day, a kid did. His name was Frankie.

    Frankie had a crush on Amber for a long time, and was
    always afraid to talk to Amber. Until one day, he
    took the risk. And it was a risk that was the greatest
    day for him. Amber immediately took him in, and
    became close with him. Eventually, they started dating,
    and after 5 year old dating, Frankie popped the question.
    They got married.

    It all went well for a while. Amberlyn Moretti was now
    Amberlyn Sgroi. But then the combine showed up. This
    ended up destroying Amber's life. Frankie was killed,
    and Amber was relocatedto (wherever the server takes
    place) and separated from the man she loved and her
    entire family. To this day, she does not know where
    her family is. Knowing that her family might be the
    only people she loves that are still alive, she decided
    to take back her old surname, and became, once again,
    Amberlyn Moretti.

    Amber is not afraid to kill. She knows that in this
    world, it will have to happen, and she has accepted
    that. She has 4 kills under her belt, although she
    is not proud of what she has done. Deep down, she
    remembers that they were a normal person once, but
    she knew that wrapping her hands around the necks of
    2 of those people, shoving a knife into one, and
    pushing the other off a roof, was something that she
    had to do.

    She carries one item on her at all times. Her wedding
    , reminding her of what she had, and what she lost,
    and will forever fuel the fire inside her soul to fight
    against the combine forces, and take back the planet for
    her own. She has a burning hatred for any combine force or
    those who support them. She is very prejudice against those
    who have gone rogue. Even though they are no longer bad, she
    still has anger that they did once help to take over the world,
    and does not want to forgive them. She will not take action
    against those beings, but she will not be comfortable around
    them, and she will make it known.

    An overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement.
    An emotional or religious frenzy or trancelike state, originally one involving an experience of mystic self-transcendence.

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