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    Post  TheBloodMaster on Mon Dec 03, 2012 9:36 pm

    Because the previous thread was closed, my new idea I had was unable to be updated so I HAd to make a new thread, rather then make a biography in the past, why not make one in the PRESENT? this thread will be updated from time to time with the Stories of Adam Conor : D
    December - Unknown date

    I finally reached a small settlement, just to find out like the others from the settlement just off the coast of Europe, that some are fucking crazy, one old man was going batshit insane before my very eyes! We heard what sounded like mini explosions, the rebels here think it was hunters, so they got inside, thankfully, it was VERY far away, so we didn't have to encounter anything, we were horribly outgunned anywho. I'm heading back to town, write back later.

    - "Delta"
    December - Unknown date

    I decided to stay with the colony, mostly because there was only ONE insane guy. I was walking around, when suddenly, some rebel guy fell off, no big deal, he only fell a few feet, but he hit his head, so he got a nasty headache. However, I also saw another guy fall while I was looking at the guy, Jesus... the other guy fell about 4 stories and nearly slipped off a cliff and down 30 feet. Despite having broken legs, he was able to hang on! I immediately ran down and grabbed him, I pulled him up, and I yelled for a medic, because A: I'm in no mood to treat him, and B: I don't have the tools or equipment required to. A doctor known as "truth" came and we treated him, although this doctor is a complete novice. It was raining horribly later that day, I managed to find a tin pot as a hat and a helmet, it helped block the rain. However, the humidity was off the charts, it was hot as fuck despite it raining. It was causing some people to see things, and do really weird things. One dude randomly came up and started punching me, I managed to get him off though... barely. Hell, even I was seeing shit, I saw a blue creature on 4 legs with huge ass eyes that was about half the size of a horse. I punched it, and it dissipated, although, thinking back on it, I really shouldn't punch hallucinations, they could be real people who I see that way. I'll see if I can write back.

    - Delta


    For all of you wondering about the guy punching people and the blue creature, those two people were people new to rp, but hell, it was during a rain event that was very humid, so why the fuck not XD, and yes, that guy who made the blue creature WAS creating rainbow dash, but Adam wouldn't know much about the show, and definitely wouldn't after the 7 hour war.

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