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    An Old Memory.


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    An Old Memory. Empty An Old Memory.

    Post  Neko on Fri Dec 07, 2012 5:35 am

    Name: Robby Prim

    Age: 32

    Appearance: He has dark, slightly puffy hair complete with grayish-blue eyes. He stands at six foot, and has a medium build.

    Alignment: Refugee

    Physical Status: Yellow; bad immune system.

    Ethnicity: Pure-blood Irish.

    Equipment: He hides a small, dull pocket knife in the soles of his boot. He adorns a black, hooded jacket, complete with sweat pants and a medium-sized Alice backpack. To complete his loot, he wears black pre-war combat boots strapped to his feet.

    Personality: Very self-centered, only looks out for himself. He tends to live on his own, unless something big were to happen.


    Robby sat on the corner, fumbling with what seemed to give off a small steel glint. He flipped it over, twice, three times, before stowing it back in his jacket.
    An Old Memory.
    He slid off his backpack, placing it on his knees as he sunk his face into the top. Pulling his hood over his head with a free hand, he closed his eyes, smiling very faintly. It was dark by the time he had found this lonely corner, having spent the last couple of days in a loud alleyway. But, that was behind him.. He could enjoy his peace and quiet, for now he was alone.. But if you'd take the time to look back, wasn't he always alone? It was the common life for your average-day run of the muck citizen of Ireland. At the time, Robby was a small, sixteen year old boy on his own. With the little money he had after being robbed many previous times, he was lucky if he could buy a loaf of bread, or a hot meal once in a while. He treated these things like gifts, since there were so few of these 'momentous' occasions.

    He slid back onto the wall, completely shrouded in darkness as the opposing streetlamps went out in a flicker. The cold was practically unbearable, and being in the early month of January didn't help at all. Curled up with the only warmth he had, he tried his hardest to simply fall asleep.. The snow-coated city seemed to twinkle away as he closed his eyes tightly, his hands sinking hard into his semi-warm hoodie's pockets, which seemed to give him a shred of hope for the night. They contained small heat packs, and they seemed to be the only warm thing for miles.. At least, what he could access. But, even if someone was to offer help, he wouldn't take it.. At the time, he wasn't self centered at all. All he cared about was other people, getting through the day, and starting anew. Judging that he helped whenever the position was open, everyone in the area seemed to know Robby as a saint. They'd offer him food, clothing, even a place to stay once in a while, but he always refused. He only wanted to be known for his good patrons, and not trouble with rewards or acts of kindness. Robby had a good heart one day..

    The rest of his backstory can be found out ICly, if you can wrench it out of him.

    Side-notes: Because of his bad immune system, he confines himself to smaller areas, mostly secluded houses. (If any of you were to remember Sierra's backstory, this is the character that took her in.)
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    Post  ecstasy on Fri Dec 07, 2012 9:44 pm

    Aww, this character would seem to get along with mine c:
    Amber likes confined places because of physical (and mental) status too.

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    Post  Kitsune on Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:26 am

    The only thing that bugged me

    Ethnicity: Pure-blood Irish.

    - There's no such thing as a pure-blood human, we're all 'mutts' in a way.

    Other then that, he's fucking awesome

    Also he's hot as FUCK.
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    An Old Memory. Empty Re: An Old Memory.

    Post  Milkdairy on Sun Dec 09, 2012 4:57 pm

    I think it means that you can trace his own ancestry back for more than several generations to directly Irish folks

    If you really wanna go back that far, we're all part African I guess.

    Red hair <3

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    An Old Memory. Empty Re: An Old Memory.

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