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    Warpizzle's Computer

    Post  Warpizzle on Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:00 pm

    Alright guys, listen up. My GOOD computer's hard-drive is fucked up and old, so until we get it replaced, you won't be seeing me on the servers. Alright. As for my characters...

    Searris Cassidy -
    After getting stabbed in the stomach from a pretty long-ass knife (4" deep stab wound) and getting fixed up by Helix, Searris was in tears as she limped out of the forest she so desperately attempted to escape. Too much was going on for her, that and Charlie's been acting stranger and stranger around her. She headed down the road and through the tunnel, in search of an area...not as psychotic, and chaotic. Slowly regaining her memories, meeting new people to help her out, she decides to stay there...Where nobody from the White Forest Village could find her. Hopefully, anyways.

    -- When my computer gets fixed, She'll come back, missing Helix. --


    So yeah. And about Chris...

    Chris Stauffer -
    After travelling behind the group, screwing around with his knife in his hands, he decided to do a little climbing...He climbed the rocks and steep hills, grunting, getting closer to the ledge high above. As he finally touched the fresh grass of the top of the cliff, he smelt the fresh air and shifted his back-pack full of supplies up, hiking through the woods. He had disappeared.

    -- When my computer is fixified, he'll come back...With a surprise. Smile --

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