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    Failed to lock vertex buffer, etc.


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    Failed to lock vertex buffer, etc.

    Post  MentleGen on Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:22 am

    • Where did you encounter the bug/glitch/exploit? (Server, forums, etc.):Server

    • When did you encounter the bug/glitch/exploit? (Try to be AS SPECIFIC as possible):When i join the server, In the new map - rp_necro_forest_a1.

    • What is the bug/glitch/exploit? (Describe as best as you can, in full detail):
    It crashes me and some people. When they open Tab and Directory, it random crashes hl2.exe. Then when i see NPC on the map, it sends me Failed to lock vertex buffer, etc. Also when i going into the vehicle, any vehicle, it crashes me.

    • On a scale from 1-10, how serious is the bug/glitch/exploit? (So we can know how quickly is needs to be fixed):
    I Dont know... 9 - 7....

    • Photographic or video evidence of the bug/glitch/exploit (not necessary, but helpful):
    It sends me this:

    • What else do you wish to include?:
    FIIIIIX IT ;-;

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