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    Contraband And Violations List Empty Contraband And Violations List

    Post  Milkdairy on Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:22 am


    Level Three Violations
    Level Three violations are subject to a Minor Re-education correction (1-2 strikes w/ baton), or Warning at Enlisted Unit's discretion. Level three Violations are in Green.

    Audio Violation (Insults, cursing)
    Minor mis-behavior (Pushing, Slapping, Minor Rough-housing)
    Minor Malcompliance (Failure to comply with Minor compliance Instructions from Office [Move along, Etc.])
    Disruptive behavior (Yelling, Pushing and-or tampering with public property)

    Level Two Violations
    Level Two Violations are subject to Thorough Re-Education (2-3 Strikes), And One Cycle in Detainment. Level two violations are in Orange.

    Civil Mis-Behavior (General Fighting, IE. Punching, Kicking)
    Civil Malcompliance (Failure to comply with Instructions from Officer)
    Vandalism (Destruction of Public or Residential Property.)
    Civil Audio Violation (Intensive Cursing)
    Unauthorized Public Relation (Kissing, etc. In public)

    Level One Violations
    Level One Violations are subject to Heavy Re-education (Beat until Unconscious), Followed by 3 cycles in detainment. Level One Violations are in Dark Red.

    Civil Inaction (Failure to report Rebels, Resistance members, And other Anti-Citizens to Authorities)
    Anti-Civil Propaganda
    Conspiracy (Planning to disrupt or destroy the Union and/or its citizens)
    Unauthorized Pro-Creation (Sexual Intercourse)

    Level Zero Violations
    Level Zero Violations are subject to MALIGANT STATUS ACHIEVED. All Level Zero Violations are followed by an Amputation. Level Zero Violations are in Red.

    Capital Malcompliance (Failure to comply with Citadel Issued Individual-Specific Instructions.)
    Black Market Dealing
    Possessing Weapons
    Capital Vandalism (Destroying key Union Modules)
    Seed hosting (Being the leader of a Resistance cell which has been responsible for the death of 1 or more of Either: Citizen, Police Unit.)
    Escaping The city


    Level Three

    Unauthorized Clothing
    Unauthorized Electronic Devices (MP3 Players, Etc.)
    Unauthorized Food
    Unauthorized Beverages

    Level Two

    Non-Prescribed Steroids
    Non-Prescribed Paracetamol
    Stationary Radio

    Non-Prescribed Anti-Depressant

    Level One

    Handheld radio
    Melee Weaponry (Knife, Axe, Pipe, Etc.)
    Gun parts
    Flash Grenade
    Smoke Grenade
    Flare Grenade
    Union Issued Stunstick

    Level Zero

    Fragmentation Grenade
    Improvised Explosives
    O.S.I.P.R (Pulse Rifle) Components (Including Pulse Rifle Magazines, Parts, And Ammunition Capsules)

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