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    Metropolitan Police Force Codes

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    Metropolitan Police Force Codes Empty Metropolitan Police Force Codes

    Post  Milkdairy on Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:29 am

    Metagaming these codes as a Non-MPF Character will result in a PK.

    10-0: Use Caution
    10-1: Not Understood
    10-2: Understood
    10-3: Stop Transmitting
    10-4: Copy
    10-10: Busy
    10-7: Off-service
    10-8: In-service
    10-18: ASAP
    10-20: Your location
    10-21: Return to Nexus
    10-23: Stand by at ____.
    10-29: Check for contraband
    10-50: Patrol
    10-103: Disturbance
    10-106: Obscenity
    10-107: Suspicious person
    10-107M: Subject is mentally unfit
    10-108: Officer down or Officer needs assistance
    11-1: Request Medical assistance
    11-2: Request Overwatch
    11-3: Stalker
    11-20: Unauthorized public gathering
    11-22: Contraband
    11-23: Contraband Distribution
    11-70: Riot
    11-99: Officer requires immediate assistance

    ADW: Assault with a deadly weapon.
    BOL/BOLO: Be on the lookout.
    DB: Dead body.
    UL/UTL: Unable to locate.

    Code 30: Homicide.
    Code 30S: Homicide by shooting.
    Code 31S: Shooting.
    Code 500: Unlawful entry.
    Code 647A: Vagrant loitering in a public place.
    Code 647B: Vagrant is non-cohesive.
    Code 647C: Vagrant is evasion status.
    Code 647E: Anti-Citizen.

    Inject: (To Formally deploy) Move into a establishment or block.

    Contain: To clamp off entrances of a area and confine the situation to a certain area.

    Unrest: Rebellion or Riot.

    Anti-Citizen: Individual convicted of multiple anti-civil violations; MALIGNANT.

    Malignant: Individual convicted of multiple anti-civil violations | Subject is contagious and contains devised behavioral pattern.

    Administer: To issue a verdict to a resident. (I.E; Administering a beating)

    Pacify: To detain a individual non-lethally.

    Clamp: Restrict residential access to a certain area ; Deploy standard clamps to restrict activity/provide protection.

    Unlawful Procreative Activity: (UPA) Attempting to perform intercourse.

    Expose: Flush suspects or expose them from cover.

    Stand by: Await orders.

    Intercede: Take immediate control of the situation ; Ambush/surprise hostiles.

    Extract: Withdraw subject out of _____ to _____

    Breach: To force entry to a designated area, often used in sweeps when breaches are placed or the door is kicked in.

    Stabilize: To restore order to a situation by any means necessary, this is determined lethal/non-lethal by your commanding Authority.

    Deploy: Often used in reference to the deployment of equipment or a squad. (I.E: Deploying sterilizers at block; A )

    Prosecute: To administer verdict to a resident through means of prosecution.

    Isolate: To isolate one's self, sequester: set apart from others.

    R.O.E: Rules Of Engagement, often set for breaches or sweeps by the team leader.

    Amputate: To cut off a limb/Destroy/Kill

    Hold: Maintain position defensively.

    Ripcord: Fall back to/move back or away.

    Diagnose: Determine/Investigate level and situation.

    Inoculate: To protect or safeguard from a threat.

    Sterilize: Clean a designated area of anti-(Citizen/Civil) Activity.

    Contact: Hostiles spotted, prepare confirm to engage.

    Contact Confirm; Contact is confirmed malignant and hostile, engage!

    Sociocide/Sociocidal: Attempted disruption of the social order.

    Divisive: Having a quality that divides or separates from the Civil Populace. (Causing malcompliance or other forms of rebellion)

    Restrict: To prevent access from a designated area or location.

    Bio-signal: A suit mechanism that is responsible for lifeline monitoring as well as synchronization to the Civil Authority system.

    Infestation: High amounts of nectrotic/parasitic activity.

    Biotic: Non-naturalized alien species. (I.E: Vortigaunts.)

    Workforce-Biotic: Naturalized alien species. (I.E: Enslaved-Vortigaunts.)

    Infected: Hostile/Protection unit under Parasitic control.

    Exogen: Antlion.

    Necrotic: Zombie.

    Parasitic: Headcrab.

    Virome: Poison/Fast Headcrab.

    Outland: Foreign.

    Bouncer: Grenade.

    Restrictor: Thumper.

    Viscerator: Manhack.

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