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    Guide suggestions.

    Xellos the old

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    Guide suggestions.

    Post  Xellos the old on Sun Jul 24, 2011 6:54 am

    Please post a guide that you make in this topic so it can be added in the future in offical Guide topic. (NOTE: Do not take evry guide serius here since they are suggested guides. Posting spam or reply on this topic execpt suggestion is forbiden since this is gonna be a lot of space used already.) The staff will decide which one to add.
    Question: Any restricted topic for guide?
    Answer: What is banned by rules and Erotic Roleplay guide. Those are forbiden.

    Suggested topics: Newplayer guide | Injury RP | Fear RP | Reaction RP (detailed) | What determins reaction RP odds.
    Plane Otto

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    Re: Guide suggestions.

    Post  Plane Otto on Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:16 pm

    So we post them on THIS topic or in the section?
    Xellos the old

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    Re: Guide suggestions.

    Post  Xellos the old on Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:49 pm

    This topic actualy for first. If its approved then it gets admin moved.
    Xellos the old

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    Re: Guide suggestions.

    Post  Xellos the old on Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:09 am

    This is the HL2City Roleplay. Soul Roleplay. This pretty much shows whats a good guide. Was perfect to SRP. Saddly I coudent copy the edited format. You can find it here.
    Its the same format I joust got it from SRP forums before it went down.

    In OpenAura (the HL2RP gamemode), there are various commands, they can all be found in the Directory, by pressing tab, then going into Directory, then commands.
    Here are the basic ones:
    "//" Out Of Character (Also knowen as OOC) message.
    ".//" Local Out Of Chracter (Also knowen as LOOC) message.
    "/w", This command makes you wisper.
    "/y", This command makes you yell.
    "/me", This command makes you do an action.
    "/roll", This command makes you roll a random number out of 100.
    These are the basic commands that you need to know, you will get used to them, dont worry.

    You might wonder, why do you need to roll a number out of 100?
    The answer: FightRP, MedicalRP, and PassiveRP. You will learn later on, just keep with me Wink
    Metagame is using In-Character (Also knowen as IC) info OOCly (Out of characterly) Metagame is Bannable, so please please please dont do it.

    Say someone says there location OOCly, and you go there, that is Metagame.

    You might have seen a wall/cave that says "Entering is Metagame", I will tell you this now, so you dont make a mistake, behind that walls is a Rebel Base, or possibly an AC (anti-citizen) base, just because you call yourself an AC, does not mean you know the base.

    If you see a Metagamer, report them to an Admin.
    ~AvoidRP, FearRP, and PainRP~
    How many RPs are there?! There are alot, you need to know them if the time comes. It will take time, we all did it tho didn't we?

    AvoidRP is when you Avoid RP, simple right?
    Avoiding RP is when you leave in RP by Changing chracters, Leaving the server, Or running away from an action directed at you. You cannot leave when you are tied, beind held, in Detain (Jail), or if you are Wanted.

    FearRP is your Fear of another Character/Thing.
    You fear the combine, they took over earth in 7 hours!
    A chart of fear is listed Here.

    PainRP is your Pain that you take.
    If you fall from a window, get shot, or get attacked you must RP pain.
    If you fall from a window, you hurt your legs, if you are shot, you will have a voice "Agh, my arm!", if you are hit with a stunstick, you will crouch over, groan, and/or scream.
    ~MedicalRP, PassiveRP, and FightRP~
    You've been waiting for it, this is were "/roll" comes in, I will have some examples because this is the hardest part of RP.

    When using "/roll" in MedicalRP and PassiveRP, over 50 is sucess.

    MedicalRP is tied with pain RP.
    If you are shot in the leg and manage to escape, Here is your fist example. the "**" simbolizes action.

    **Citizen1 sits on the ground holding his leg.
    **Citizen1 Looks around for supplies.
    **Citizen1 sees some paper.
    **Citizen1 attempts to crawl to it.
    Citizen1 has rolled 60 out of 100.
    **Citizen1 manges to crawl to the paper.
    **Citizen1 attempts to wrap the paper around the wound, to stop the bleeding.
    Citizen1 has rolled 31 out of 100
    **Citizen1's finger slips and has to retry.
    Citizen1 has rolled 56 out of 100.
    **Citizen1 wraps the paper around the wound and stops the bleeding.
    **Citizen1 attempts to stand.
    Citizen1 has rolled 91 out of 100.
    **Citizen1 Stands up.

    He healed his wound, that is MedicalRP, also standing back up is MedicalRP.

    PassiveRP is your RP with yourself.

    **Citizen1 watches Citizen2.
    **Citizen1 picks up a can.
    **Citizen1 attempts to throw the can into the trashcan
    Citizen1 has rolled 0 out of 100.
    **Citizen1 misses horibly and almost hits Citizen2.
    **Citizen2 gets angry and grabs the can.
    **Citizen2 attempts to throw it into the trashcan.
    Citizen2 has rolled 51 out of 100
    **Citizen2 throws the can into the trashcan, and then walks away.

    Here comes Fight RP, fight RP is the fighting between 2 characters.
    Fight RP's rolls dont count as Passive/MedicalRP, the highest roll wins.

    **CP1 watchs Citizen1
    **Citizen1 jumps over the sidewalk
    **CP1 flicks stunstick on and walks twards him.
    CP1 says "Face the wall!"
    **Citizen1 attempts to run.
    Citizen1 Has rolled 54 out of 100.
    CP1 has rolled 90 out of 100. (Over 90 is a counter!)
    **CP1 trips Citizen1.
    **Citizen2 comes to Citizen1's aid.
    **CP attempts to hit Citizen2 in the face.
    Citizen2 has rolled 37 out of 100.
    CP1 has rolled 36 out of 100.
    [LOOC] CP1: Roll Bonus (
    **CP1 hits Citizen2 in the face.
    **Citizen2 falls to the ground bleeding out of the nose, KO'd.
    **Citizen1 attempts to stand
    Citizen1 has rolled 0 out of 100
    CP1 has rolled 2 out of 100
    **CP1 stands on his back so he cant stand
    **CP1 attempts to KO Citizen1
    Citizen1 has rolled 98 out of 100. (Remeber, over 90 = Counter!)
    CP1 has rolled 41 out of 100.
    **Citizen1 runs away.
    **CP1 grabs Citizen2 by the leg and drags him to Detain.

    I real hoped this guide helped you.


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    Re: Guide suggestions.

    Post  Mush on Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:32 am

    Nice, but I don't really like the (over)use of the word 'attempt' and the rolls.
    Xellos the old

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    Re: Guide suggestions.

    Post  Xellos the old on Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:40 am

    As I sayd. It was made for Soul Roleplay. I did not edit the roll system description. Caus the server used Roll system. DRP stil uses reaction RP whitout rolls.
    Plane Otto

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    Re: Guide suggestions.

    Post  Plane Otto on Fri Aug 05, 2011 9:07 am

    I might try to write a good guide or two for DRP, I love to write guides Smile

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    Re: Guide suggestions.

    Post  Kitsune on Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:36 pm

    B- but... I already wrote a new player guide... Crying or Very sad

    :/ Oh well, no big deal.
    Xellos the old

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    Re: Guide suggestions.

    Post  Xellos the old on Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:35 pm

    Heres a vortigaunts guide. Alright lads I would like to see your guide skills! Improve these to DRP style ^^.

    guide on what they are, what they can do, and how to roleplay with them. Heh, I also tried out spoilers.

    What are Vortigaunts?
    --Vortiguants are an Alien race from the planet Xen, there they were enslaved and Gordon Freeman saved them, Gordon Freeman is mentioned by the Vortigaunts, it is not failRP for them to talk about him.
    --They enjoy food such as headcrabs, and dont enjoy human food.
    --They can use there energy "power" as defense or for attacking.
    -Energy Blasts
    -Powering on eltrical equipment
    -Reviving (Rarly)

    --They can "Flux Shift" to other Vortigaunts. Spoiler
    -Flux shifting is what vortigaunts use for communications across distances.
    -It can travel great distances and is first seen in Episode 1 were the Vortigaunt calls for his "Brothers" to help tend Alyx.

    --They are very mysterious to humans and only speak of plans with a person they trust deaply.
    --They speak there native tounge, vortigese. Spoiler
    **Vortigaunt1 talks vortigese.
    Vortigaunt1: The Freeman's arival is near.
    **Vortigaunt2 replies back in vortigese.
    Vortigaunt2: Yesss...the Combine's downfall is soon.

    --Roll bonus is +30.
    How do I roleplay with them?
    --As seen in the "spoiler" above, that is how you use Vortigese, many people think they can talk Vortigese with PM, that is WRONG! Other players need to see the chat.
    --Fight scene. Spoiler [Show]
    **Vortigaunt1 attempts to summon energy out of the light.
    Vortigaunt1 has rolled 30 out of 100. (+30)
    **Vortigaunt1 summons energy from the light.
    **CP1 attempts to shoot the vortigaunt.
    CP1 has rolled 40 out of 100.
    Vortigaunt has rolled 34 out of 100.
    **CP1 misses the shot.
    **Vortigaunt1 attempts to shoot the energy bolt into the CP.
    Vortigaunt1 has rolled 79 out of 100.
    CP1 has rolled 50 out of 100.
    **Vortigaunt1 sends the energy bolt into the CP's chest killing him.
    [LOOC] Vortigaunt1: Owned.

    --Cleaning. Spoiler [Show]
    **Vortigaunt1 and Vortigaunt2 are mopping the floor.
    **Vortigaunt2 gets tired and stops.
    **CP1 walks over and attempts to hit the vortigaunt with his stunstick.
    CP1 has rolled 67 out of 100.
    Vortigaunt2 has rolled 21 out of 100.
    **Vortigaunt2 gets hit and continues mopping and speaks in Vortigese.
    Vortigaunt2 says "We will be soon free from the Enslavers."
    Vortigaunt1 replies back in vortigese.
    Vortigaunt1 says "Yesss...They will trouble us no longer."
    **CP1 listens to the Vortigaunts confused.

    --As a Vortigaunt it is key to talk In-humanly. Spoiler [Show]
    "The Freeman has helped us many times..."
    "One must not think, about what they are thinking."
    "The stars shine bright for this day!"

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    Re: Guide suggestions.

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